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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Featured New Issue: African Journal of Food, Agriculture, Nutrition and Development Vol 13. No 4

The latest issue from African Journal of Food, Agriculture, Nutrition and Development is now available at Bioline International! Below are some highlight from this issue:

"The Urgent Need for African Leadership in Science,Engineering and Technology to Transform African Agriculture into Agri-Food Value Chains" by Opara alludes to how the continent of Africa is portrayed as a hub for high rates of poverty, low human development index, corruption, prevalence and persistence of malaria and HIV/AIDS, high infant and maternal mortality, recurrent food and nutrition insecurity, high frequency of political strife and instability. Opara emphasizes that the negative images of Africa will continue to persist throughout generations unless appropriate economic and political leadership is undertaken to erase these images and restore the dignity of its people. He argues that since some countries in Africa rely heavily on foreign aid, the capacity to direct and implement developmental strategies is lacking resulting in the economy's inability to prosper. The role of Science, Engineering and Technology (SET) in sustainable economic development is the area often over looked. The agricultural industry has been critical in the economic development of Africa but has over time lagged behind that of other developing countries. Opara suggests that for the agricultural industry to prosper, development and deployment of new technologies on farm, post harvest and processing operations but be implemented.

In Olielo's article, "Food Security problems in various groups of Kenya" information on the causes of food insecurity and ways to combat this situation is provided. The author alludes to low incomes and poverty being the major determiners of food insecurity which eventually leads to malnutrition. Income levels play an influential role in food consumption. Individuals with low incomes are unable to purchase the foods recommended by the FAO nor meet the WHO's recommended levels of nutrient intake. Improvements in education and employment through increase in small scale businesses, crop irrigation especially in arid and semi arid soils, improved health status and sanitation will result in the ability to earn a higher income thereby reducing poverty and evidently enhancing food security and nutrition.

These articles and others in this issue can be viewed here.

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