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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Featured Issues: Ciência Florestal Vol.23 No.1 & 2

Ciência Florestal has recently been updated on Bioline. Today we will be featuring no.1 & 2 of vol.23.

Vol.23 no.1 includes "The Influence of Fire on the Soil Seed Bank in Semideciduous Forest" by Londe de Camargos et al. This article discusses a study that was conducted at the Universidade Federal de Viçosa in Brazil, in which 10 plots of semi-deciduous seedlings were subject to controlled burning to evaluate the effects of fire on population density and composition. Soil samplings from each plot were collected before and after the burnings. The results showed that less seedlings emerged from the soil after the plots underwent controlled burnings.

Find the complete results of the study as well as other articles from the issue here.

The second issue of vol.23 also includes articles pertaining to influence of fire on vegetation. No.2 includes "Damages Caused by Fire on the Natural Vegetation in a Primary Forest in Acre State, Brazilian Amazon" by Borges de Araujo et al., which looks at a study that evaluated the effects of forest fires that occurred in 2005 in the state of Acre, in the Brazilian Amazon region. The vegetation affected by a forest fire was evaluated based on three levels. The results showed that the smallest plants were the most impacted ones, and that based on the effects of a single forest fire, future forest fires could be detrimental to the lifespan of the forest.

You can find the full article and other articles from this issue here.

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