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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Featured Issue: International Journal of Environment Science and Technology Vol.10 No.5 & 6

Today we will be featuring vol.10 issues 5 & 6 of the International Journal of Environment Science and Technology. 

No.5 includes "Lung cancer risk associated with residential proximity to industrial installations: a spatial analysis" by López-Cima et al. This study was done to evaluate the role that industrial pollution plays in lung cancer frequency among residents of Asturias, Spain. The area studied was assessed by the type of industrial activity and the carcinogenic substances released. 700 lung cancer patients in a hospital in Asturias were examined, with 700 controls based on ethnicity, hospital, age and sex. The results showed that there is excess risk of lung cancer for residents living near industrial installations.
You can find this article and others from this issue here.

Issue 6 also includes an article in relation to use of land and pollution. The article, "Correlation between land-use change and greenhouse gas emissions in urban areas" by Liao et al., looks at the study conducted in Xinzhuang near Taipei, Taiwan, in which the correlation of land-use change and greenhouse gas emissions were examined. The results suggest that land-use change and greenhouse gas emissions are heavily influenced by increases in population and urbanization levels.
For the complete study and other articles from vol.10 no.6, click here.

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