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Monday, July 07, 2014

Featured Issue: Iranian Journal of Reproductive Medicine Vol.11 No.11

This is our third post on the Iranian Journal of Reproductive Medicine. We published two posts on the blog last week.

Today we are featuring no.11. This issue includes "Pregnancy rate after endometrial injury in couples with unexplained infertility: A randomized clinical trial" by Parsanezhad et al. This article examines how endometrial injury affects the pregnancy rate in couples who experience infertility. The study was conducted at the Shiraz University Infertility Clinic of Ghadir Hospital. 217 women between 23 to 35 years old with infertility were divided into two groups. One group underwent endometrial local injury, while the other did not. The results indicated that women who underwent endometrial local injury had a significantly higher pregnancy rate than women in the control group.

This issue also includes "Prevalence of immunity to toxoplasmosis among Iranian childbearing age women: Systematic review and meta-analysis" by Borna et al. This study aims to determine the immunity rates of women with toxoplasmosis, a parasitic disease. The study was carried out by looking at previous studies conducted up to 2012 and articles were selected based on positive anti toxoplasma IgG antibody or anti toxoplasma antibody in childbearing women. 13480 participants were examined. The results indicated that overall estimated prevalence of anti toxoplasma using the IFTA serological method was 34.5%. Overall estimated prevalence of anti toxoplasma antibody was 39.9%. The study concluded that prenatal screenings could help determine which mothers could be susceptible to toxoplasmosis. These screenings can also help determine the primary prevention of toxoplasmosis in areas where risk factors such as eating habits and hygiene exist. 

For these articles and other articles from this issue, click here.

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