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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Featured Issue: Iranian Journal of Reproductive Medicine Vol.11 No.12

What are the survival predictors of preterm neonates? Iranian Journal of Reproductive Medicine was recently updated on Bioline in March with vol.11 no.12, and includes an article that aims to uncover this question.

This issue includes "Survival predictors of preterm neonates: Hospital based study in Iran (2010-2011)" by Haghighi et al. This article assesses the factors for risk of neonatal mortality, as well as the factors affecting survival rate of pre-term infants in the Iranian population. 1612 pre-term infants born at 26-36 weeks at the Shahid Akbar-Abadi University Hospital from April 2010 to April 2011 were examined. Fetal-neonatal, maternal and pregnancy data was taken, and survival rates were analyzed. The results indicated that the total overall mortality rate for the infants was 9.1%. Infants at the lowest end of the birth weight spectrum had survival rates of 11.11%. The results indicated that birth weight under 1000mg dramatically influenced neonatal survival rate.

This issue also includes "Uterine cavity assessment in infertile women: Sensitivity and specificity of three-dimensional Hysterosonography versus Hysteroscopy" by Ahmadi et al. This article examines the effects of the use of three-dimensional hysterosonography (3-DHS) to diagnose uterine abnormalities in women with infertility. The study was conducted at the Royan Institute in Tehran, Iran between 2010 and 2011, examining women with infertility issues who were referred to 3-DHS before in-vitro fertilization. The study also included women who underwent both a hysteroscopy and 3-DHS. The results indicated that sensitivity and specificity for 3-DHS was 68.4% and 96.3%, respectively. It was concluded that 3-DHS, in comparison to the hysteroscopy, was reliable in diagnosing uterine abnormalities.

For these articles and other articles from this issue, click here.

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