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Thursday, July 03, 2014

Featured Issue: Biokemistri Vol.26 No.1

Today we will be featuring another issue from Biokemistri, vol.26 no.1. This issue includes "Hydrocarbon-degrading Capability of Bacteria isolated from a Maize-Planted, Kerosene-contaminated Ilorin Alfisol" by Adetitun et al., a study examining bacteria that could potentially be involved in the biodegrading or bioremediation of the environment, specifically petroleum-contaminated systems. The study took place in Nigeria, where 24 species of bacteria were extracted from Ilorin Alfisol treated with Kerosene. The results indicated that Kerosene spillage could pose a threat to the development and sustainability of Zea mays. The results also indicated that some bacteria live and even thrive in kerosene-contaminated soil.

This issue also includes "Processing method influences the effect of Cassava (Manihot esculenta) consumption on blood lipid profile in rats" by Oyabambi et al. This article examines how different Cassava processing methods and formulations have an effect on the lipid profile of test rats. Four groups of ten rats were formed, with each group receiving a different type of feed. One group received Garri, another on Cassava flour, the third on tapioca, and the fourth on regular feed. The results indicated that Garri and Cassava flour feed significantly increased HDL-cholesterol concentration, but the group given Garri feed had a higher HDL-cholesterol concentration than the group given Cassava flour feed.

You can find these articles and others from the issue here.

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