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Friday, June 27, 2014

Featured Issue: Ciência Florestal Vol.24 No.1

Today we are featuring Ciência Florestal vol.24 no.1, which was recently updated on Bioline in June 2014.

Conservation and reforestation has been a constant theme among the recent articles of Ciência Florestal, especially in South America. One of the most popular trees used as a hardwood commercially for uses such as furniture and flooring is the Hymenaea courbaril. This issue includes "Genetic parameters for Hymenaea courbaril L. Conservation in Southwestern Amazon" by Melo Silva et al. This study evaluates the genetic parameters for the conservation of Hymenaea courbaril in southwestern Amazon. Three forest areas that are intended to be used for logging were examined in order to determine sustainable management. The study found that the genetic diversity was higher in low density populations, and that Minimum Viable Area for species conservation was consistent with the studied areas.

This issue also includes "Growth and Mineral Nutrition in Seedlings of Pequi Subjected to Nutrient Deprivation" by Carlos et al. This article details a study done to examine the nutritional content of fruit and medicinal native species of Savannah, the Caryocar brasiliense, an edible fruit grown in Brazil. An experiment was conducted where 12 treatments were tested on Caryocar brasiliense plants that were harvested and separated into air shoot and root system. The plant samples were then dried at 70 degrees. The results indicated that the total mass of the dry matter was not affected by the omission of nutrients.

For these articles and others from this issue, click here.

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