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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Introducing You to the Latest Additions to our Bioline Team (Summer 2013)!

We are halfway through the year, and we would love to introduce you to our new Bioline Team members for Summer 2013!


Esha is a fourth year student at the University of Toronto Scarborough currently pursuing a double major in Human Biology and Health Studies. Esha became a member of the Bioline International team in May 2013 as a Metadata Assistant. Through her studies at the University of Toronto, Esha has become familiar with scientific articles and with this knowledge together with her assertive personality and open mindedness, she assists in editing and proof-reading journal entries before they are published online. With a passion for science,she aims to further her studies in research and wishes to gain experience and knowledge during her time with Bioline International. Esha enjoys working with the Bioline team and is proud to be part of an organization that she may one day contribute research to.


Jenny is in her third year in the Management program at UTSC. She joined in September 2011 as a Publishing Assistant, now working as a Research Assistant. She brings to the team a keen eye for detail, knowledge of business models and experience in accounting. Jenny enjoyed the editing work she did as a Publishing Assistant and is very excited to see how her business knowledge will help Bioline grow. Due to her interest in sciences, and she is fascinated by the information presented in articles.


Kai-Ann is a third year student studying a double major in Neuroscience and Biochemistry. As a Biochemistry student, she spends a lot of time in chemistry labs, and knows what it is like to work meticulously and methodically. Past work experience has taught her to be patient and has given her the skills to process and analyze large amounts of information, which will definitely help her as a Publishing Assistant! She believes that Bioline is helping to boost the research community in developing countries by giving them a forum to share their knowledge and findings with the wider world. But best of all, she thinks that Bioline International provides the opportunity to bridge the gap that exists between the developing and developed countries through common areas of scientific research.


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