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Friday, June 14, 2013

Featured Issues: Journal of Applied Sciences and Environmental Management Vol. 16 No.1, 2, & 3

Today we are continuing our feature on the Journal of Applied Sciences and Environmental Management with vol.16!

Yesterday we featured an article on the solid waste chain and how it is managed once it leaves a household (click here for that post). Today we are featuring an article on solid waste--but how compost is separated from it. "Evalutaion of Composting and the Quality of Compost from the Source Separated Municipal Solid Waste" by Dadi et al., published in the first issue of vol.16, discusses the quality of compost separated from solid waste using four different treatments. For all the details of this article and the articles from this issue, go to: http://www.bioline.org.br/titles?id=ja&year=2012&vol=16&num=01&keys=v16n1

If you like sweet potatoes, this next article is for you! In vol.16 no.2, the article "Bio-deterioration of sweet potato (ipomoea batatas lam) in storage, inoculation-induced quality changes, and control by modified atmosphere" by Oyeyipo Olaitan investigates the deterioration of sweet potatoes in different environments. The quality of sweet potato samples were assessed after being stored in different modified atmospheres. For the results of this study and storage recommendations, go to: http://www.bioline.org.br/titles?id=ja&year=2012&vol=16&num=02&keys=v16n2

Did you know that Dioscorea alata, also known as purple yam, is cheaper to produce than its common cousin, Dioscorea rotundata? The article "Preliminary Studies on the Development and Evaluation of Instant Pounded Yam from Dioscorea alata" by Adeola et al. in vol.16 no.3 looks at the benefits of producing yam flour from the purple yam. The flour was produced by cooking the yams in hot water, drying them, milling them and finally sieving them. Taste, colour and flavour were among the categories evaluated. For the complete article and articles from this issue, go to: http://www.bioline.org.br/titles?id=ja&year=2012&vol=16&num=03&keys=v16n3

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