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Friday, June 21, 2013

Featured Issue: African Health Sciences Vol.13 No.1

This issue of African Health Sciences focuses on the effects of physical activity on mental health and other topics such as nutrition and mental health. You can find an overview of the topics in the Editorial by the Editor-in-Chief, James K Tumwine.

Here are some interesting tidbits about some of the articles in this issue:

The article "Physical activity and health promotion strategies among physiotherapists in Rwanda" by Frantz & Ngambare explores the techniques of physiotherapists to encourage their patients to engage in physical activity. The study employs mixed method research to obtain information from a selection of physiotherapists. You can find complete details of this study here: http://www.bioline.org.br/abstract?id=hs13004&lang=en

"Nutrition status and associated factors among children in public primary schools in Dagoretti, Nairobi, Kenya" by Mwaniki & Makokha investigates the relationship between nutrition and growth of students and the amount of food they consume. The study concluded that calorie intake and the amount of food groups from which food was consumed was an important indicator in malnutrition levels in students. For the full study go to: http://www.bioline.org.br/abstract?id=hs13007&lang=en

The prevalence of suicidal behaviour and depression was investigated in patients with Diabetes mellitus and essential hypertension in the article "
Factors associated with depression and suicide among patients with diabetes mellitus and essential hypertension in a Nigerian teaching hospital" by Igwe et al. The study showed that education played a factor in suicidal behaviour--patients with Diabetes mellitus who had no education had a higher rate of suicidal behaviour than those with education. You can find further conclusions and the complete results of this study here: http://www.bioline.org.br/abstract?id=hs13011&lang=en

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