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Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Introducing you to the rest of the Bioline Team!

On January 24th we posted about the Bioline Team at the University of Toronto Scarborough Campus (UTSC). Today, we would like to introduce you to the other half of the Bioline Team - Sidnei and Luiz at the Reference Center on Environmental Information (CRIA)!

The support of CRIA, based in Brazil, through Sidnei and Luiz's collaboration with the Bioline Team at UTSC is absolutely indispensable to Bioline's operations. Bioline is just one of many projects at CRIA and all server hosting, administration, and server development is provided to Bioline from CRIA on a volunteer basis. We asked Sidnei and Luiz to tell us a little bit more about their work with Bioline...

Sidnei de Souza

Sidnei de Souza has been with Bioline since the beginning! In fact, Sidnei developed the software to make Bioline available online during its formative years. Bioline's system has existed since 1989 and Sidnei has been responsible for updating the software to cope with the many changes in technology over the years to keep Bioline's archives compatible with new systems. Sidnei has said, "BI is a very low key system in terms of software, but for this reason tends to be very robust!" The Bioline Team at UTSC would like to thank Sidnei for all of his help and guidance over the years.

Luiz Henrique Barione

CRIA's primary role in Bioline operations is to keep the system up and running, and process updates requested by the team at UTSC. Luiz Henrique Barione is responsible for updating the material sent to CRIA by Bioline staff at UTSC. Luiz then gives feedback to the UTSC team on any potential problems he finds in the files. Luiz also maintains Bioline's access stats, as well as keeping the basic software up to date. Luiz is also responsible for keeping the Bioline hardware in a good shape, making regular backups, and making sure that the connectivity is guaranteed. Thank you, Luiz, for all of your hard work!

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