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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Introducing you to the 2012-2013 Bioline Team...

To start off the 2013 Bioline year, we'd like to introduce you to the Bioline Team at University of Toronto Scarborough Campus. Our team includes a few new faces who have been working hard since 2012 to update the Bioline website. We have a lot of plans for 2013 and are very excited to keep you updated with the latest Bioline news through our blog - stay tuned! In the meantime, meet the 2012-2013 Bioline Team:


Leslie Chan is the Director of Bioline International. His passion for open access and sharing of knowledge and information has greatly contributed to Bioline International's success over the years. As the Program Supervisor of the University of Toronto Scarborough's International Development Studies program, Leslie is interested in how the global flow of information affects international development. He has worked with organizations such as UNESCO, IDRC and Open Society Institute and is also a Trustee of the Electronic Publishing Trust for Development. Leslie continues to oversee Bioline International's operations and development and looks forward to Bioline’s continuous contributions to the scholarly community.


Kelli Babcock is a Special Projects Librarian working with the University of Toronto Scarborough Library. She joined Bioline International in April 2012 to coordinate, develop and standardize Bioline's organizational infrastructure. Kelli is contributing to Bioline's development through her knowledge and interest in web publishing, metadata standards and open access initiatives in the academic library community. Kelli has enjoyed collaborating with the UTSC Bioline Team, member journals, and Bioline’s partners at CRIA in Brazil. She encourages everyone to keep their eyes open for Bioline's progress in 2013.


Niveda is a fourth year student at University of Toronto Scarborough majoring in Psychology and English Literature with a minor in Biology. She joined Bioline International in September 2012 as a Publishing Assistant with the goal of ensuring that the scientific research of developing nations is recognized and acknowledged by the global scientific community. Niveda is extremely excited about joining the Bioline team this year and hopes to do her part in ensuring that the organization flourishes.


Adiba is a second year Business Management student at University of Toronto Scarborough. She started working with Bioline in June 2012 as a Publishing Assistant and is currently working as a Research Assistant with the Bioline team. What really interests her about Bioline is its dedication to using knowledge to connect people from different parts of the world. Bioline has also given Adiba invaluable work experience that has allowed her to develop her skill set. She believes the Bioline team consists of some really great people and she loves the fun and enjoyable work environment of the Bioline Office.


Ian is a fourth year student studying Human Biology at University of Toronto Scarborough. He joined Bioline International in September 2012 to help with the processing and analysis of metadata. Ian's familiarity with the content and terminology of journals from the scientific community, his previous experience with program coding language, as well as being a quick learner are all assets to the Bioline Team. He hopes to expand his knowledge of research with his work at Bioline. He believes that Bioline International can grow and develop to become the number one go-to source for research journals from developing countries.


Carina is a Metadata Assistant with Bioline International. She is a third year student at University of Toronto Scarborough, studying Human Biology and Biochemistry. She joined Bioline International in September 2011. She uses her science background as well as her attention to detail to process, proof-read and edit journal articles before they are published to Bioline's website. As an aspiring scientist herself, Carina enjoys working for Bioline International by helping scientists all over the world gain visibility on the web. She also supports Bioline’s ability to provide students with free access to scientific research from all over the globe. She believes that Bioline International will continue to grow through the coming years, and will become even more popular in the near future.


Kimberly is a second year Journalism student at University of Toronto Scarborough. She was excited to become part of the Bioline International team in September 2012 as a Publishing Assistant to assist with the expansion and updating of Bioline's blog and social media outlets. She brings her passion for writing, journalism, and overall enthusiasm to learn more about other countries to the Bioline Team. She also shares Bioline's dedication to give journals published in developing countries more exposure and access through the work of Bioline. Kimberly hopes that everyone will connect and take part in Bioline's growth and progress by subscribing to our Twitter, Facebook, blog, and future networking sites.


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