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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Emerging viral infectious disease threat: Why Tanzania is not in a safe zone

Viral infections are often concerning and can lead to the outbreak of an epidemic, especially in developing countries.
The article "Emerging viral infectious disease threat: Why Tanzania is not in a safe zone" captures this situation. It gives an overview of the problem in relation to the likeliness of outbreak in Tanzania.

The authors argue that while Tanzania has been safe comparing to many African countries, it should take precaution and be ready incase of the outbreak of emerging infectious disease (EID). They list five viral infectious diseases that may possibly result in an outbreak in the future: Rift Valley fever, Influenza H1N1, Rubella, HIV1 and Dengue and Chikungunya. The authors conclude with recommendations to help this outbreak should be taken place, such as: training employees in the healthcare industry to detect potential EID symptoms in their early stages and community-based surveillance systems etc.

The provision given by the authors is similar to another article I came across earlier this week: The collision of civil war and threat of global pandemics

This article examines the role of civil war in spreading infectious diseases. It also discusses the inability of healthcare systems and health practitioners in determining the early symptoms of an epidemic in patients. Gathering and organizing data in a sufficient matter is also a challenge, as these regions often lack the proper technology or equipment.

Both articles indicate a very similar message: adopting an early precautionary practice is a suitable approach in avoiding the outbreaks of infectious disease, especially in developing countries, where the necessary tools may not be present. This is especially important in cases of countries (such as Tanzania) that may not appear to be in immediate danger; its critical to recognize the potential danger in the long-term and take the appropriate measures to prevent such circumstance.


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