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Friday, November 07, 2014

Education, income and health insurance a factor in adherence to medication of patients with #Diabetes - Tropical Journal of Pharmaceutical Research Vol.13 No.6

Awareness of several health issues in Canada are dedicated to the month of November. One of these issues is diabetes. Bioline has a variety of articles on Diabetes mellitus from several different journals. One of the latest articles uploaded on Bioline is in the Tropical Journal of Pharmaceutical Research vol.13 no.6, and titled "Evaluation of Adherence to Diabetic Treatment in Northern Region of United Arab Emirates" by Koprulu et al.

In this article, researchers explored the reasons adhering or not adhering to certain medications for patients with diabetes in the northern region of the United Arab Emirates. The study occurred between May 2012 to April 2013, in which two hundred randomly selected patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus were evaluated. The patients came from five different diabetes clinics and three outpatient hospitals in the northern region of the United Arab Emirates.

The results indicated that 40% of patients were non-adherent to their medication. Researchers also found that there was a significant correlation between education level and adherence to medication, as results indicated that 75% of patients had no or primary-level education, and a higher prevalence of non-adherence to medication. Monthly income was also a factor in whether or not a patient would be adherent to medication, as researchers found that patients who earned less than ten thousand Emirati dirham had a high prevalence of non-adherence. Non-adherence was also prevalent in patients without health insurance.

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