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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Featured Journal: Brazilian Journal of Oral Sciences Vol.12 No.4

Today we are featuring vol.12 no.4 of the Brazilian Journal of Oral Sciences. 

One of the articles relates to our previous blog post on the Iranian Journal of Reproductive Medicine, which featured an article on periodontal disease among pregnant women. Vol.12 no.4 includes "Evaluation of the use of systemic antimicrobial agents by professionals for the treatment of periodontal diseases" by Monteiro et al. This article focuses on a study done to determine the use of systemic antimicrobial agents to treat periodontal disease. Out of 255 professionals who have treated periodontal disease, 94% of them said systemic antibiotics was used to treat periodontal abscesses, in which systemic antibiotics were used in 80% of cases, aggressive periodontitis (in which systemic antibiotics were used in 62% of the cases), and necrotizing diseases (45%). Among the most frequently used systemic antibiotics were amoxicillin and metronidazole. The results of the study indicated that systemic antibiotics were sometimes used in situations that did not require its use.

Another article in issue 4 was "Orofacial and dental condition in leprosy" by de Sousa Pereira et al. The aim of the study was verify orofacial and dental complexes in people affected by the disease. 56 patients who were currently being treated or were treated for leprosy were examined using the Decayed, Missing, Filled Teeth (DMFT) index, while oral hygiene was analyzed using the Plaque Control Record. The results indicated that 30% of the patients had orofacial issues related to the disease. The group analyzed also showed high levels of plaque, but no oral lesions related to the disease.

You can find these articles and others from this issue here.

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