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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Featured Issue: Nigerian Journal of Physiological Sciences Vol.26 No.2

Today we are featuring vol.2 of Nigerian Journal of Physiological Sciences. This issue was updated on Bioline in January.

This issue includes "Predictors of asymptomatic malaria in pregnancy" by Balogun et al. This article studies the predictors of asymptomatic malaria and the prevalence of these predictors in pregnant women. Women at the Ante-Natal Clinic and two public hospitals in Ibadan, Southwest Nigeria were examined. Blood samples were collected from each of the women and tested for malaria. The women examined in the study all had parasites present in their blood. 48% of the women were asymptomatic of symptoms associated with malaria, but 52% showed signs of weakness, headache, body ache and fever. In these patients, parasite density was significantly higher than asymptomatic patients. The results indicated that pregnant women who lived in hyper- or holo-endemic malaria regions were more likely to show symptoms of malaria due to increased density of parasites.

This article also includes "
Effect of honey intake on serum cholesterol, triglycerides and lipoprotein levels in albino rats and potential benefits on risks of coronary heart disease" by Alagwu et al. This article focuses on a study done to assess honey's effectiveness on albino rats with coronary heart disease. One group of rats was fed normal rat feed while the other group was fed both rat feed and 1ml of honey in their daily water intake. The results indicated that honey increased the lipid profile of the rats.

Photo courtesy of Vicky Brock
For more results and the complete articles of this issue, click here.

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