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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Featured Issue: Iranian Journal of Reproductive Medicine Vol.11 No.6 & 7

Today we are featuring vol.11 no.6 & 7 of Iranian Journal of Reproductive Medicine. We will have many more blog posts for this volume, so keep a look out for future updates.

An article in no.6, "Mental health status of infertile couples based on treatment outcome" by Baghianimoghadam et al. This study evaluates the mental health of couples with infertility. Previous studies have indicated that infertility can cause higher levels of stress. The study was conducted by collecting qualitative research and giving two questionnaires to 150 couples with infertility. The results indicated that women have higher stress levels than men, and may benefit from specified programs.
For this article and others from this issue, click here.

No.7 includes "Effect of body massage on increase of low birth weight neonates growth parameters: A randomized clinical trial" by Karbasi et al. This study looks at the possible effect that body massage would have on infants with low birth weights. The clinical trial was conducted in a hospital in Yazd, Iran in 2011 from March to December. The infants accessed were separated into two groups. One group received massages from their mothers three times a day for 14 consecutive days. Weight, height and head circumference of the infants was evaluated. Weight of the infants in the group that received massages from their mothers three times a day for 14 consecutive days showed significant increase at the age of two months.
You can find this article and other articles from this issue here.

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