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Friday, February 21, 2014

Featured Journal: Electronic Journal of Biotechnology

Today we are featuring the Electronic Journal of Biotechnology for the first time on the blog. The latest issue up on Bioline is vol.15 no.1, which includes "The influence of intelligence and emotions on the acceptability of genetically modified organisms" by Ĺ orgo et al. The study is done to evaluate the acceptance of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) based on reactions from psychology students and student teachers from Slovenian universities.

The results indicated that acceptance of GMOs varies from organism to organism. Plants were more accepted than animals, and GMOs were more accepted for uses other than food. The results also indicated that more females than males found GMOs to be acceptable. A range of emotions such as anger, fear, disgust and contempt were suggested to be correlated with the rejection of GMOs. You can find this study and other articles from this issue here.

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