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Monday, September 23, 2013

Journal of Applied Sciences and Environmental Management Vol.16 No.4 & Vol.17 No.1

241 Nigeria mountainsJournal of Applied Sciences and Environmental Management was updated on Bioline at the end of July. Here are some highlights from this update, which includes issues from both vol.16 & 17:

Vol.16 no.4 includes "Malaria Parasitemia and Anaemia among Pregnant Women in Umuahia Metropolis" by Amadi & Nwankwo, which studies the prevalence of malaria parasitemia and anaemia among pregnant women in two hospitals in Abia State, Nigeria between April and October 2010. Out of 500 women, 270 (54%) were tested positive for malaria parasites, and out of these 270 women, 254 (94.1%) tested positive for anaemia.
For details of this study and other articles from this issue, go to: http://www.bioline.org.br/titles?id=ja&year=2012&vol=16&num=04&keys=v16n4

Vol.17 no.1 includes "Protected areas for environmental sustainability in Nigeria" by Imasuen et al. which discusses the definition of "protected areas", the historical background of these protected areas in Nigeria, and comparisons between modern cities and older cities in Nigeria. Guidelines for contemplating the next strategy for these protected areas are also given.
For this article and others from this issue, go to: http://www.bioline.org.br/titles?id=ja&year=2013&vol=17&num=01&keys=v17n1

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